WILLIBAG ABS Trolley Luggage New Design Travel Suitcase Rolling Luggage

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WILLIBAG ABS Trolley Luggage New Design Travel Suitcase Rolling Luggage

With the improvement of the living standards, most people prefer to arrange a travel with Luggage in their spare time. Which can relieve stress and tension, also to broaden our horizons.

In the tourism, a Trolley Luggage Bag is very necessary. What can it do Firstly, most of women would like to take a lot of beautiful clothes and makeups But with a suitcase everything would not be a problem. They can even take several Travel suitcases, and just put them in the hotel and go out with a small bag, how fresh and cool! Secondly, Hard Case Luggage has different size, from “16” to “28” , people can choose the suitable Suitcase based on their journey time. Besides, people can carry a rolling luggage if the size of the suitcase is under “20”.

The material of ABS trolley luggage bag is new ABS material and features of lightweight, colorful, excellent corrosion resistance. Travel Suitcase is a symbol of status now. After integrations it will easy processing, product size stability, surface gloss, easy painting and coloring. Also it can undertake spraying, electroplating, metal on the surface of hot pressing and adhesion and other secondary processing. This material can make the travel suitcase in the market of colorful, more styles and patterns.

Material    ABS
Handle   top & side handle
Lock    normal lock
Wheels   4 wheels universal
Color   any color can be made
Size    20” 24” 28”
OEM&ODM    Available
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