Raw Materials Increased Crazily, Rise Price !

The cost of raw materials has been increasing like a bomb from last week, a lot of manufacturers in China suffered and complained bitterly.

I am extremely scared of calls now, most of them are shouting to rise prices. a salesman cried, this damned news makes many orders flying away with millions of dollars

As a boss or a sales, you may have the same disappointment as that man from below statistics which shows that raw material’s prices were up by more than 30%, like Copper, Iron, Aluminum,Zinc and stainless steel over the past months.

PVC price climbed up by over 60% and PE and glass by 30%, shipping and package paper occupied 30%. More astonishingly, coal and charcoal by 100% on the same period.







All costs climbed up, prices will be increasing! Are you ready ?


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